Looters at a Chedraui store in Nicolás Romero. Looters at a Chedraui store in Nicolás Romero. reforma

Elektra store looting was well organized

Security cameras captured arrival of thieves in a bus accompanied by escort vehicles

Looting is more commonly associated with rioting mobs but in one case last week, when gas price protests turned violent, one store was looted with organized precision.

It was about 10:00 January 4 when a bus, escorted by three cars and two motorcycles, pulled up across the road from an Elektra store in the municipality of Nicolás Romero.

Passengers exited the bus, halted traffic in the other lane, crossed the road and entered the store.

Then they began hauling out the loot: televisions, sound systems and other goods. After 10 minutes they were done.

The thieves carried their stolen loot aboard the bus, which left the scene in the company of its escort vehicles. The entire incident was recorded by security cameras.

However, the thieves didn’t get far. Seven adults and 12 youths were detained as they got off the bus shortly after.

The state government said surveillance videos indicate the theft was not spontaneous, but had been organized ahead of time. Cameras had captured the vehicles circulating in the area before they arrived at the Elektra store.

As of yesterday, charges were being processed against 112 people in connection with the widespread looting that took place in the State of México over the course of a few days.

Nicolás Romero was among the worst hit; the violence that accompanied the protests against gas price increases resulted in the closure of stores for fear of looters, the halting of public transit and police operations against mobs of looters. Taxis as well chose to suspend service.

The looting of the Elektra store raised red flags for other businesses in the area, and gas stations and other businesses closed soon after.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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