Rector Vera Jiménez in his hospital bed Vera Jiménez in his hospital bed. el universal

Embattled rector declares hunger strike

University boss accused of embezzlement says more funds urgently needed

The head of the Autonomous University of Morelos began a hunger strike yesterday to pressure the federal government for more funds.


Alejandro Vera Jiménez, who also faces accusations of embezzlement, is camping out in a tent pitched outside the state Government Palace in Cuernavaca, where he and two associates have vowed to continue their protest until they hear directly from Interior Secretary Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong.

Vera Jiménez has also taken a vow of silence to reinforce his demand for 526 million pesos, about US $26 million, which he says is urgently required if the university is to meet the next payroll for its 6,000 employees.

The tent has been furnished with two hospital beds and a couch for the three hunger strikers, whose health is being monitored by the director of the Faculty of Nutrition.

Last month, the Federal Auditors’ Office filed four criminal complaints against the university for irregularities in the spending of nearly 700 million pesos, while the state government has accused Vera Jiménez of embezzling 1.6 billion pesos.

The rector has responded by claiming the university needs about 2 billion pesos to continue to operate.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • Beau

    Typical reverse psychology defense to defuse the accusations.

  • Henry Wilson

    it’s going to take more than a measly hunger strike to move up the universities of mexico on the list of the best in latin america. the largest and richest nation in latin america in all categories has one university ranked in the top ten and it is only in at number seven. UNAM. but then quality education has never been important to the rulers of mexico for, don’t ya see, an educated citizenry becomes a more difficult group to control once they realize they are sick and tired of having the boot of the corrupt government on their necks.