Tarín: behind bars. Tarín: behind bars.

Embezzling suspect arrested in CDMX

Ex-Chihuahua public servant accused of stealing 120 million pesos

After attempting to evade arrest by hiding in four different houses in Mexico City a former Chihuahua public servant is in custody to face corruption charges.

Antonio Enrique Tarín García, acquisitions director in the administration of former governor César Duarte Jáquez, was arrested in a joint operation by federal and state officials for embezzling 120 million pesos (US $8.6 million).

The state’s new governor, Javier Corral Jurado, celebrated Tarín’s arrest as a blow against political corruption.

“The apprehension of Tarín is very important because it is part of the legal strategy to combat political corruption, because there have been many who have attempted, through amparos [injunctions], to evade the justice system of Chihuahua. Our message is that we’re prepared for that and more,” he declared.

The embezzled funds were originally intended to provide training courses for staff in the Finance Secretariat but the courses — though paid for — were never offered.

Tarín was elected in 2015 as alternate to federal Deputy Carlos Hermosillo Arriaga, another of Duarte’s collaborators, but was killed in March in a car accident.

Since then Tarín has twice attempted to be sworn in as Deputy — a position that would give him a fuero, or immunity from legal prosecution — but was rejected by the Chamber of Deputies due to the legal complaints filed against him.

He is now in custody in Chihuahua awaiting a hearing scheduled for Friday to determine his legal status.

Tarín is now accusing state authorities of violating an amparo a judge had granted him in March, and has demanded that he be released.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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