The two teens who were murdered in Chilpancingo. The two teens who were murdered in Chilpancingo.

Entire police force removed from duty

Chilpancingo department under suspicion after teenagers kidnapped and killed

Municipal police in Chilpancingo, capital of Guerrero, have been relieved of their duties on suspicion of being involved in the kidnapping of three teenagers and killing two of them.


A deployment of 330 soldiers and state and federal police has assumed policing and security operations in the capital city.

Local police arrested Marco Catalán Cabrera and Jorge Arturo Vázquez Campo on Saturday evening for disturbing the peace at the site of a Christmas and New Year’s fair.

The following day, a man identified only as Milton N. bailed them out and left with them.

On Wednesday night, their dismembered bodies were discovered in a garbage dump located in Tierras Pietras.

Also yesterday, the relatives of a third young man came forward to claim he had been missing since last Friday. They said Efraín Patrón Ramos was detained by municipal police officers in the vicinity of the Alameda Granados Maldonado park.

The spokesman for Guerrero’s security agency, the Guerrero Coordination Group, said today that all 110 officers in the Chilpancingo force are under investigation for the murders of Catalán and Vázquez.

Policing in the municipality is now in the hands of 150 state police, 60 Army personnel and 120 Federal Police officers.

In a press conference, state Attorney General Xavier Olea Peláez confirmed that there were indications of “the probable participation of active elements of the Preventive Municipal Police of Chilpancingo in the disappearance of people originally detained on the fairgrounds.”

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • BB

    The 2nd coming of Christ needs to happen soon. The human race is self-destructing.

  • Gary Blake

    Has nothing to do with god, only Mexico, infer that this is human race problem, YES! A “Mexican” human race problem. Last I checked the police anywhere in the USA OR Canada are not kidnapping teenagers and murdering them!
    They have never in fact removed an entire police force’ anywhere, anytime in the US or Canada, sorry wipe the egg off your face please on this one!
    SORRY FELLA, this level of violence only happens in Mexico. The murders, does not say here, but bet they were shot, oh with a gun, Gun Violence? thought kids are only killed in the USA with guns?