Humberto Moreira: in favor of eliminating the fuero. Humberto Moreira: in favor of eliminating the fuero.

Ex-Coahuila governor moves to kill fuero

Humberto Moreira has been accused of running for office to obtain its protection

Humberto Moreira’s pursuit of a Deputy’s seat in his home state of Coahuila continued this week with a move designed to placate naysayers.

But the naysayers will no doubt point to a report published today that reveals that a 2015 investigation that exonerated the former governor, the center of speculation for several years over the embezzlement of billions of pesos, was completed in just a few weeks.

This week, Moreira and several other candidates with the Youth Party (PJ) sent a legislative proposal to the state Congress intended to eliminate the fuero, a privilege that grants immunity against prosecution to government officials.

According to a statement issued by the party, the proposal is part of its commitment to accountability and transparency.

“The Youth Party is therefore demonstrating that legality is its axis . . . and that Professor Humberto Moreira is not after a Deputy’s seat for the benefit of the fuero.” He has been accused of trying to win a seat in the state Congress to do just that.

Moreira was governor from 2005 until 2011 and is also a former national leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). He has been widely condemned for embezzling state funds but never charged.

Today, the newspaper Reforma published a report on the investigations carried out by the state into Moreira’s performance as governor and the accusations against him.

Those investigations were ordered by Moreira’s brother, current Governor Rubén Ignacio Moreira.

After Humberto Moreira’s deposition in 2015 it took the state Attorney General two weeks to wrap up its investigation. A month later the former governor was exonerated of all the accusations.

That Attorney General was and is Homero Ramos Gloria, who served as Moreira’s second-in-command as Interior Secretary and presided over the electoral council that oversaw the elections that made Moreira governor in 2005.

His exoneration by the state government helped Moreira obtain his release from a Spanish prison last year after he was arrested on suspicion of corruption.

Moreira was accused in 2015 before a San Antonio, Texas, court of diverting state resources to purchase radio stations in the United States, charges he has always denied.

His allegedly close relationship with the criminal organization Los Zetas has also been mentioned repeatedly, most prominently last September by an unnamed high-ranking member of that gang, who told officials with the federal Attorney General’s office that Moreira directly collaborated with it during his term as governor.

Elections in the state of Coahuila are on June 4. Voters will choose a new governor, 38 mayors and 25 Deputies.

Source: Reforma (sp), Milenio (sp)

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