Tress and Duarte, before the axe fell. Tress and Duarte, before the axe fell.

Ex-Duarte associate gets three years

But Xóchitl Tress may not spend time in jail in exchange for paying restitution

A woman who has been linked romantically with ex-Veracruz governor Javier Duarte was sentenced to three years in prison yesterday after she pleaded guilty to illicit enrichment.


But Xóchitl Tress Rodríguez, who was arrested Tuesday in Puerto Vallarta, may not serve any jail time if she pays restitution of 8 million pesos (US $450,000) and posts a bond, a reduction in her sentence made possible by the fact that she admitted guilt.

A hearing on her release was expected to be held today.

The judge also banned Tress from holding public office for three years.

Tress was charged after it was revealed during corruption proceedings against her former boss that he had used state funds to purchase an apartment and luxury vehicle for her.

Those revelations came a scant 10 days before yesterday’s sentencing, when a witness for the prosecution in the Duarte case gave evidence about Duarte’s gifts to Tress and their romantic relationship.

It might represent a record for the completion of a criminal case in Mexico.

Tress was briefly in charge of managing and building education facilities in Veracruz after she was appointed to the post by Duarte in 2014.

She was removed nine months later amid a growing number of protests and highway blockades by citizens demanding results from Tress’s agency, the Institute of Educational Spaces.

Source: Expansión (sp)

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