César Duarte: wanted for corruption. César Duarte: wanted for corruption.

Ex-governor declared fugitive from justice

Chihuahua's Duarte has fled to Texas, says his successor

The ex-governor Chihuahua is now considered a fugitive from justice, his successor said this afternoon.

César Duarte has fled to El Paso, Texas, to avoid possible corruption charges, said Governor Javier Corral, telling a press conference that procedures have begun to have Duarte arrested and extradited to Mexico.

The announcement follows the arrest of three former members of Duarte’s administration.

Javier Garfio Pacheco, who served as Public Works Secretary, and Gerardo Villegas, former director of administration at the Finance Secretariat, were detained yesterday on charges of embezzlement.

Ricardo Yáñez, ex-chief of the state housing commission, was arrested early this morning but the nature of the charge was not revealed.

Corral said Duarte broke his word to confront accusations of corruption, which he had declared “profusely.”

The governor said the detention of the three former officials is the beginning of a process and strategy to go after the entire network of political corruption that was woven together during the previous government for the purpose of personal enrichment.

Source: Reforma (sp), Milenio (sp)

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