Emergency personnel on the scene of this morning's explosion. Emergency personnel on the scene of this morning's explosion.

Explosion injures 6 in San Miguel de Allende

Backpack believed to have held explosive device

Six people were injured in an explosion early this morning in the center of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.


An explosive device is believed to have been left in a backpack between the bars Adelita and Limerick on Calle Umarán, causing a blast that damaged a building and nearby vehicles and blew out the windows of adjacent premises at about 2:00am.

Investigators said it appeared the device was homemade but their examination of the evidence continues.

The circumstances are similar to an incident last month when an explosive was set off at El Sótano bar, injuring six people. The August 6 blast also utilized a backpack holding an explosive device.

Explosions were also registered on two occasions last week at business premises in the Guanajuato municipality of Abasolo.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • This should send the Gringos packing.

    • We are going to come stay with you, where we know it’s safe.

      • Eric: I have a beautifully furnished, two-story townhouse for vacation rentals. Just a brief walk to the central plaza. Mexico News Daily readers get a 5% discount. I’ll give you 6%.

        • Thanks, Felipe.
          …gatling guns mounted and loaded, or do we bring our own?

          • Already mounted on the roof’s four corners. Tenants must bring their own ammo, however.

          • I think that you were right in your first post. My running & gunning isn’t what it used to be:-(

    • Un Centavo

      Or, let’s all pack it up and move to Senor Zapata’s state where heads roll like bowling balls when tossed into late night bars.

    • Beau

      Don’t bite the hand the feeds you, Philipp

  • Athea Marcos Amir

    Send the grigos packing? Maybe the ones who hang out in bars in the wee hours of the morning.

  • George Michelson

    Just another attempt to “shake down” the local bar owners. We gringos are here to stay, it’s the young early morning bar crowd tourists who are getting the signal.

  • Toni Roberts

    Article doesn’t say who was hurt or who the clientele normally is. Centro is now full of young Mexican tourists with money.

  • DreadFool

    zero info reporting, viva tequila!

  • Keith

    Is it extortion? Are bars easy marks?