Politician's social media post Politician's social media post: he wasn't serious.

Facebook Porsche post was only a joke

But today Infonavit's southern region delegate announced his resignation

A Oaxaca politician has resigned from his job as southern region delegate of the housing agency Infonavit after a Facebook post revealed he had bought his son a million-dollar Porsche.

Heliodoro Carlos Díaz Escárraga announced his resignation today after his post, which he says was a joke, was widely shared and the car purchase questioned.

The post read, “It’s great that Santa Claus delivered my present to my son. Look after it, eh!” and was accompanied by a photo of Díaz Escárraga’s son behind the wheel of a yellow Porsche Cayman.

New, the car would cost a little more than 1 million pesos, or about US $70,000. The Infonavit delegate’s annual salary could be as much as 2.199 million pesos before deductions, while that of his son, an executive of Liconsa, would come to about 1.1 million pesos.

The news not only caught the attention of Facebook users, but that of the federal Chamber of Deputies. Infonavit boss Alejandro Murat will be summoned to appear before the chamber’s Social Security Committee to explain how one of his staff was able to make such a purchase.

After the photo was circulated widely on social networks and appeared on media websites, Díaz responded with a post on his Twitter account saying it was “a big lie” and demanded an apology from the newspaper Reforma.

The original Facebook post was deleted minutes later.

Another post appeared on Díaz’ website this afternoon, in which he says he had no idea he was “such an important citizen for (social) networks. It is not my car. It is not my son’s. I did not give it to him. They did not ask.”

That earned the politician a barrage of angry retorts — nearly 200 as this was being written.

A former federal deputy and member of the cabinet of previous Oaxaca Gov. Ulises Ruiz, the Institutional Revolutionary Party member said today he resigned to avoid causing any damage to Infonavit or its director, and explained that the post was a joke.

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