Mayor Blanco: lack of skill. Mayor Blanco: playing politics?

Fair canceled due to mayor’s ‘lack of skill’

State official rejects Cuernavaca's claim that security is reason for canceling annual event

Cancelation of the Cuernavaca spring fair has more to do with the mayor’s lack of skill than a lack of security in the municipality, says a senior official in the state of Morelos.

State security commissioner Alberto Capella Ibarra said that if security conditions were as dire as Mayor Cuauhtémoc Blanco and his staff claim, carnivals throughout the state would have been canceled.

The mayor canceled the 50-year-old fair this week, citing concerns over security.

But Capella charged that the move showed “an enormous level of selfishness of those who would put their own interests ahead of the working people . . . .”

He said cancelation of the fair is the opposite of what residents and business people want.

The municipal government is simply trying to explain away its own inefficiency and at the same time score political points at the cost of spreading fear and hurting the city’s economy, Capella said.

Blanco has announced he will for governor in the July 1 election.

Capella also claimed that the fair’s cancelation was due to Blanco’s inability to secure a deal in time with a firm that would organize the event.

However, the mayor said the decision is not set in stone because the regidores (municipal councilors) and residents “must also be heard.”

The spat is yet another in a longstanding enmity between the state and municipal governments.

The fair was scheduled to take place during March and April.

Source: Milenio (sp), Diario de Morelos (sp)

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