Victims' car is hoisted from the sinkhole. Victims' car is hoisted from the sinkhole.

Families turn down compensation offer

Government, contractor offered 2 million pesos to sinkhole victims' families

The families of the two men who were killed in a sinkhole on the Mexico City-Cuernavaca highway July 12 have rejected an offer of compensation totaling 2 million pesos, or US $112,000.


The federal government and the consortium that built the Cuernavaca Paso Express each offered a million pesos to the families of Juan Mena López and his son, Juan Mena Romero.

The two were driving together to work when the sinkhole opened and swallowed their vehicle, in which they remained trapped until they died of asphyxiation.

The family’s lawyer said today that the offer was unacceptable.

Darío Oscos said reparation of the damage caused by what he called wrongful homicide is a fundamental human right.

For security reasons he declined to say what payment the victims’ relatives felt was just but cited other cases where relatives had received compensation of as much as 50 million pesos.

Oscos also accused the Communications and Transportation Secretariat and the consortium, made up of the construction firms Aldesa and Epccor, of trying to manipulate the families so they would accept the offer.

Source: Milenio (sp), SDP Noticias (sp)

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  • Garry Montgomery

    Sue the government and the contractor! $56,000US per life? Ridiculous!