Avilés: resigned post. Avilés: resigned post.

Family chopper flight costs Secretary his job

His son and four friends flew to the beach for Easter vacation

Personal use of a government helicopter has cost a senior Oaxaca official his job.

Interior Secretary Alejandro Avilés Álvarez resigned yesterday, hours after it was revealed on social media that his son and four friends traveled in the aircraft yesterday to spend the Easter vacation in the beach destination of Puerto Escondido.

The state-owned Agusta A109, often described as the Ferrari of helicopters, carried Alejandro Avilés Álvarez Jr. and his friends to the coastal city from Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán, a journey of about 40 minutes.

By road the journey takes at least six hours.

The state government issued a statement last night to say that Avilés’ resignation had been accepted, and that the state’s coordinator of air transport had been dismissed.

The statement said the Secretary had offered a public apology for the incident.

Avilés began his term as Interior Secretary when Governor Alejandro Murat Hinojosa took office December 1.

Another Murat appointee was in the news yesterday with the release of a document that revealed that federal social development funds had paid for a birthday party for the director of the Oaxaca Youth Institute.

A copy of a check for 250,000 pesos appeared to have been drawn on a 20-million-peso fund intended to develop a temporary employment program. Dated October 20, 2015, it was made out to Olivetti Paredes Zacarias. An accompanying receipt indicated that the money was a payment for her birthday party.

Paredes became head of the youth institute on December 1.

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