The Mexican family: important to most. The Mexican family: important to most.

Family is No. 1 for most young Mexicans

Religion and politics are deemed least important in poll of young people

The family has long been a cherished institution in Mexican society and a poll of young people aged 12-29 indicates that it will remain so for some time to come.

Asked how important family, school, work, relationships, friends, money, religion and politics were in their lives, 96% of the 1,000 people surveyed in all 32 states said family was very important.

Religion and politics placed dead last with 38% and 24%, respectively.

School was very important for 91%, work for 88%, relationships for 61%, friends for 48% and money for 47%.

Conducted by the newspaper El Universal, the poll also revealed that young people are proud of their country. Nine out of 10 described themselves as very proud to be Mexican.

But Mexican politicians are not held in high regard among the 52% who have little interest in politics: 43% of them believe politicians are dishonest.

Of those who do find politics interesting, independent candidates — a new feature of politics that was ushered in by structural reforms — are the most attractive for 62% of those polled. The National Action Party was favored by 11% and the Institutional Revolutionary Party by 10%.

Sympathizers with the left-wing parties Morena and Democratic Revolution Party totaled just 5% and 4%, respectively.

Violence against women has been a hot topic recently and for 94% of youngsters it is never justifiable, but 1% believed there could be occasions when it was necessary, such as cases in which a woman showed a lack of respect for a man or had used violence and struck a man herself.

Lynchings have also been in the news in communities where citizens have felt that justice was not being served. Twenty-nine per cent of those polled believed that in the absence of action by authorities to dispense justice the public had the right to do so.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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