Colón and the huge rock that landed on her house. Colón wonders what to do about the rock.

Family spared when rock lands on house

Only support for the homeowner has been a hug and 500 pesos from the mayor

“God doesn’t want us to join him in heaven yet,” concluded a Oaxaca woman after a huge rock landed on her house in the earthquake on February 16.

But neither God nor anyone else has done anything since to help 68-year-old Águeda Colón Carrillo repair her home in El Faisán, a community in the coastal municipality of Tututepec where 553 houses were damaged by the 7.2-magnitude quake.

Colón said the mayor turned up after the earthquake and gave her a hug and 500 pesos (US $25) but that’s the last she’s heard from the authorities.

She and her granddaughters were in the house watching television when the temblor began. As they left the house, a cloud of dust appeared and so did the large rock, which struck the house and remained there, sparing the family.

Now she wonders how she’s going to get it out and repair the damage.

Mayor Javier Juárez Hernández told the newspaper El Universal that the municipality has received no aid from either state or federal authorities, and the Army hasn’t shown up to implement its aid protocol.

El Faisán, Oaxaca

Tututepec is one of 33 municipalities in which an emergency was declared by the federal Interior Secretariat in order to provide emergency funding.

The quake was the third to hit Oaxaca in the last five months.

The only fatalities were the 13 people killed when a military helicopter crashed in Jamiltepec later the same day.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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