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Federal tax office takes over in Sonora

SAT moves in after allegations of corruption in tax collection

The federal tax administration, SAT, today assumed auditing and tax collecting functions in the state of Sonora following three anonymous allegations of irregularities made during former governor Guillermo Padrés’ administration.

SAT made the move after an audit of state finances revealed that some officials of the administration engaged in acts of corruption that cost the federal treasury 1.7 billion pesos (US $103 million) in tax revenue. The funds represent bribes, tax debts that were pardoned and other crimes to the benefit of 574 taxpayers.

“Those who took advantage of the fiscal irregularities in the state include businesses and individuals with ties to state employees or officials during past administrations,” said SAT chief Aristóteles Núñez.

That list, added Núñez, also includes also state suppliers and local media companies whose associates have close family ties with top-level state officials. Their names cannot be disclosed as they are protected by fiscal secrecy rules.

Núñez said functionaries could be prosecuted for the crimes of abuse of office and misuse of power, and that SAT will presently file formal complaints with the public prosecutor’s office.

It was also revealed that the government of Sonora will have to reimburse the federal government with 75 million pesos it received and irregularly spent during the Padrés administration.

The state has an accumulated debt of 21.9 billion pesos, an increase of 50% since the beginning of the Padrés administration in 2009.

SAT will carry out auditing and tax collecting in the state until the end of the year.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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