The victims of Monday night's accident. The victims of Monday night's accident.

Fiery Ferrari accident claims second victim

Police are looking for the driver in hospitals in Guerrero and Morelos

A second passenger in the crash of a Ferrari Monday night in Guerrero died in hospital early this morning.


Dayana Sánchez García, 22, was one of two victims pulled from the wreckage of a fiery crash near the Mezcala bridge in Mártir de Cuilapan.

Tatiana Guzmán García, 25, died on Tuesday. Both suffered third-degree burns to 90% of their bodies.

Witnesses who saw the vehicle before the accident said the driver and the two passengers, identified as escorts originally from Colombia, appeared inebriated.

The Ferrari Spider struck a retaining wall and hit a bus before rolling over and bursting into flames, according to passengers aboard the bus.

Police believe the driver was removed from the car by bodyguards following in another vehicle. He is being sought in hospitals in Guerrero and Morelos, the Federal Police said.

Today, the mothers of the two victims arrived in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, from Colombia to claim their daughters’ bodies.

Source: Publimetro (sp), Milenio (sp)

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  • CensorSheep

    que lastima

    • Roy S

      The escorts or the Ferrari?

      • ChCh

        disgusting comment

        • Roy S

          Says you. Disgusting situation. Says me.

          • ChCh

            A mother loses two of her daughters and you seemingly attempt humor at asking which part is sad, the loss of life or the car? Two young women burned to death, ok?

          • WestCoastHwy

            Men can be sooooo insensitive.

          • Roy S

            So does a father wise one. Disgusting situation is leaving them behind when body guards remove the driver who is at fault. One must keep in mind DUI is a sport and traffic signs are advisory when south of the border.

          • CensorSheep

            the prouder a people the more cowards it harbors.

  • Beau

    The auto belongs to #LordFerrari–he was rescued by his bodyguards after the accident in a BMW.

  • Dave Warren

    Seems to me they know who the owner of the car is …why did they leave the girls to die…? It was hardly “God’s Will” .

    • Comptr Fixer

      There is no God.

      • CensorSheep

        god drives only Maserati

        • Roy S

          We have God, no god, and He drives a Maserati. So both God/god and Satan drive Italian. Hmmm, must be election time in Italy. MIGA !! Personally prefer BMW.

  • softunderbelly

    Life is hard. Being stupid doesn’t help at all.

  • SeemedLikeAGoodIdea

    The Ferrari was a 2 seater?

    • WestCoastHwy

      One of the hookers was sitting on the drivers face, which explains the accident.

  • WestCoastHwy

    Dam it……that was one of my favorite expensive hookers!