Monday's crash victims and the Ferrari in which they were traveling. Monday's victims and the Ferrari in which they were traveling.

Ferrari crash victim: ‘Don’t let me die’

The driver, who was located in a hospital in Morelos, probably faces a homicide charge

The two young women who died after the crash of a Ferrari in Guerrero Monday were conscious when paramedics arrived at the scene.

Video footage taken after the accident shows Tatiana García Guzmán, 25, pleading for help and asking, “Don’t let me die.”

Both she and Dayana Sánchez García, 22, were thrown from the vehicle on to the highway.

Originally from Medellín, Colombia, the women were transported to hospital in the state capital Chilpancingo, but neither survived after suffering third-degree burns to most of their bodies.

The driver of the Ferrari Spider was rescued by his bodyguards, who had been traveling in a separate vehicle, and fled the scene leaving his passengers behind.

Investigators have discovered that Alberto Sentíes Palacios was the registered owner of the vehicle and was summoned to appear Thursday before the Guerrero Attorney General’s office to give a statement.

But a government spokesman said he didn’t appear.

The person driving the Ferrari Monday was identified as Iván Borbolla after he was located in a hospital in Morelos. He is expected to give a statement once his condition is stable.

He likely faces a charge of culpable homicide for having abandoned his passengers at the scene.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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