Emergency personnel at Monday's accident scene. Emergency personnel at Monday's accident scene.

Ferrari passenger dies after fiery accident

Two passengers suffered severe burns in Monday's crash; the driver fled the scene

The whereabouts of the driver of a Ferrari that crashed Monday night on the Mexico-Acapulco highway leaving one person dead are still unknown.

Two Colombian women were found in the vehicle after it overturned and caught fire near the Mezcala bridge in Mártir de Cuilapan, Guerrero.

Both sustained third-degree burns to 90% of their bodies. Twenty-five-year-old Tatiana Guzmán García died in hospital in Chilpancingo 24 hours later. Dayana Sánchez García, 22, was in serious condition, according to a report this afternoon.

Police in Guerrero say the car was traveling at an estimated 230 kilometers per hour when the accident occurred. They also said that it appeared the Ferrari was accompanied by another vehicle, whose occupants appear to have taken the Ferrari’s driver and left the scene.

Just before the accident, the car struck a retaining wall and then hit a bus, according to passengers on the latter.

Other witnesses said the car had stopped earlier at a gas station where the occupants appeared to have been drinking. Friends of the two women have come forward and described them as escorts.

The Ferrari Spider had been registered to Alberto Sentíes Palacios, a businessman who earned the hashtag moniker of #LordFerrari in 2016 after his bodyguard struck a motorist in Mexico City.

One report said he was no longer the registered owner.

Source: Milenio (sp), Periódico Central (sp)

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