Barcos México is one of two ferry operators that continue sailing between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen. Barcos México is one of two ferry operators that continue sailing between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen.

Ferry fares scrutinized after firm’s suspension

But terminal operator says prices have not gone up, and more sailings have been added

Concerns that ferry fares between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel would go up due to reduced competition appear unfounded at present.


The manager of the Navega marine terminal in Playa del Carmen has been monitoring fares within the facility and outside, as well as online.

But so far, Luis Alejandre Morfín said, no price increases have been seen.

Operations by passenger ferry company Barcos Caribe were suspended by the federal Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) after an explosion aboard one of its vessels last week in Playa del Carmen.

“. . . having one less ferry operator is not advisable, on the contrary . . . the companies that continue to operate will have to create new commercial strategies, but no price increases have been registered so far,” Alejandre told the newspaper Novedades Quintana Roo.

Alejandre added that passenger numbers dropped off between 25% and 30% after last Wednesday’s explosion, but insisted that tourists and residents should know that ferries between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel continue to operate, and that passengers are exposed to no security risks while at sea.

The ferry companies Ultramar and Barcos México continue to operate. The latter doubled its sailing frequency after Barcos Caribe’s suspension.

There are currently 26 runs daily between the island and the mainland, Alejandre said.

Source: Novedades Quintana Roo (sp)

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  • WestCoastHwy

    OK, that’s what the tourist terrorism is all about…….reducing competition. Even Mike S could figure that out!

    • WestCoastHwy

      Sorry Mike S, I’m laughing with you not at you!

  • Jean Hachey

    Ultramar wanted 167 pesos today for a one way Cozumel-Playa ticket, I just laughed and went over to Mexico Wayerjet and got my ticket for 80 pesos, Crazy!!!

    • MortimerSnerd

      Actually Ultramar only gets 80 pesos for the ride… the rest goes to the cartel that ‘explosion’ had something to do with unpaid extortion money.

  • Fares for locals doubled. Ultramar is likely behind it. Barcos Caribe may not be perfect but they provided a quality service and cut the prices dramatically. I am certain is was a bomb and have no doubt the higher powers to be took bribes to ensure the outcome. The excuses being leveled against barco caribe are too easy to see thru. Stupid corrupt Mexican officials do not realize they are going to destroy the golden goose (tourism) that keeps them in as fat cats. Amazing how the other ferry companies were sooo ready to provide additional capacity at just the right time!