Filemón, kidnapping victim. Filemón, kidnapping victim.

Filemón is back home after kidnapping

Kidnapper had demanded 1,000 pesos

Statistics indicate kidnapping is on the increase in some states but no one has said anything about donkeys. Until now, that is.

Filemón was the victim of a kidnapping in Motul, Yucatán, in which a ransom of 1,000 pesos was demanded of the donkey’s owner, Gilberth Canul Cupul, who received the demand via the mobile phone application WhatsApp.

The kidnapper began at 1,000 pesos and then reduced his demand to 500. “I offered him 300, then 400, but he didn’t want it,” said Canul.

So he reported the crime to local authorities and began searching for the missing donkey.

It was found in the possession of Luis Rodrigo Tec Chalé, who claimed the animal had entered his property.

Canul now has Filemón back and has withdrawn his charge of theft.

He said he didn’t wish to make an ocean out of a glass of water.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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