Del Toro and his Golden Lion today in Venice. Del Toro and his Golden Lion today in Venice.

Filmmaker del Toro wins gold in Venice

The Shape of Water named best film at Venice International Film Festival

A Mexican filmmaker — one of this country’s Three Amigos of Cinema —won the Golden Lion award today at the Venice International Film Festival.

Guillermo del Toro won the best-film award for The Shape of Water, a tale about the Cold War and set in the 1960s that was universally well received in Venice by film critics.

It is described as an anti-Hollywood love story in which a mute cleaning woman (Sally Hawkins) falls in love with a sea monster being held captive by the United States government.

Films by del Toro’s fellow Amigos, Alejandro Iñárritu and Alfonso Cuarón, have also won awards in Venice before going on to win at the Academy Awards, a path that del Toro may well follow, according to a report by Hollywood Reporter, which announced today that “the Three Amigos have conquered Venice.”

Del Toro, 52, dedicated his award to young Mexican and Latin American filmmakers working in the fantasy genre.

Described as a prolific producer, the Guadalajara native’s work is characterized by connections to fairy tales and horror and a lifelong fascination with monsters, for which he has earned a long list of awards.

“As a Mexican, I want to say this is a first for a Mexican storyteller,” del Toro said in his acceptance speech.

“If you remain pure and stay with your faith, whatever you have faith in, in my case it’s monsters, eventually things go right.”

Among the films del Toro has directed are The Devil’s Backbone, Blade II, Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim and Crimson Peak.

Source: Hollywood Reporter (en)

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