The bus on fire last night in Puebla The bus on fire last night in Puebla. excélsior

Fire claims 22 trapped inside burning bus

Witnesses say the vehicle's emergency exits failed to work

Twenty-two people died yesterday after they were trapped inside a burning bus on the Mexico-Tuxpan highway, while two more — passengers in the vehicle which collided with the bus — died instantly.

Witnesses said 15 people were able to escape the fire, some exiting through the windows. But the rest remained trapped inside because emergency exits did not work.

The fire broke out after a spark ignited diesel leaking from the fuel tank, which was ruptured in the collision.

The fully-loaded bus, belonging to Verdes Plus, was en route to the city of Puebla from Poza Rica en Veracruz when it was struck by a compact car about 7:00pm in the municipality of Jalpan in Puebla.

The bus passengers who escaped suffered serious injuries, according to reports this morning, and were transferred to a hospital in La Ceiba.

Witnesses said victims trapped inside the bus screamed for help until they were overcome by the flames.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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