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Firm faces fine after 124 crocodiles die

The reptiles were among 350 being shipped from Sinaloa to Quintana Roo

A crocodile farm and conservation facility in Quintana Roo could be fined up to US $193,000 after 124 crocodiles died while being transported by truck from Sinaloa.


Cocodrilos Exóticos, which operates the Cocodrilia wildlife conservation unit in Chetumal, was transporting 350 of the reptiles from another crocodile farm, Cocodrilos Mexicanos, in Culiacán.

Inspectors with the environmental protection agency Profepa discovered that 124 had died during the trip when they inspected the truck upon its arrival.

Authorities said the crocodiles had probably been crushed or suffocated during the 2,550-kilometer journey, calling it a case of “improper treatment” of wildlife.

They said the company had the necessary permits for the transfer of the crocodiles. In total the firm has purchased 4,956 from the Sinaloa farm.

Cocodrilia farms crocodiles for their meat, oil and skins, which are used to make shoes, bags, wallets and other items. It produces up to 1,000 skins a year.

Source: CNNExpansión (sp)

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  • James Smith

    Now if the deceased had been illegal migrants from Guatemala: “No hay problema!”