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Five airlines fined for charging baggage fees

Profeco goes after airlines for fees on first checked bag on US, Canada flights

The consumer protection agency has fined five airlines a total of 22.4 million pesos (US $1.2 million) for charging passengers fees for the first checked bag.


Profeco fined Aeroméxico, Interjet, Volaris, VivaAerobus and JetBlue Airways for charging passengers on flights from Mexico City to the United States and Canada. Aeroméxico was dinged with the biggest fine — 6.3 million pesos.

New regulations designed to protect airline travelers prohibit charging for the first checked bag and require airlines to provide compensation for flight delays.

Profeco also accused the five airlines of dishonest publicity, discrimination, abusive wording in contracts and “other practices that violate the rights of passengers.”

Two more airlines are currently on Profeco’s radar for the baggage fees. Agency chief Rafael Ochoa Morales said the cases of United and American will be resolved in the next few days.

The regulations allow checked baggage up to 25 kilograms without charge on domestic and international flights originating within Mexico, although international rules say otherwise.

The airlines, which have only recently introduced the baggage fees, say they are necessary to avoid fare increases.

Source: Expansión (sp)

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  • cruz_ctrl

    “The airlines … say [baggage fees] are necessary to avoid fare increases.”

    Haha! Baggage fees are just fare increases by another name… 🙁

  • WestCoastHwy

    22.4 million pesos (US $1.2 million) fine but net quarterly profits were up 322.4 million pesos, sweet margin call! They can even tax deduct the fine as an expense.

  • Dee Dietrich

    Does this mean that even the American/Canadian airline flights out of Mexico can’t charge fees?

    • J. M. Davis

      Yes, one checked bag up to 25 Kilos for free on any airline

  • babe471119

    Profeco doesn’t have authority to force the airlines to reimburse the customers nor to pay fines… it’s only a “moral” decision… I was involved with them in a construction suit, and after wasting months, when we won the suit, they were legally unable to bind the construction company to their decision. So, what’s the point?

  • Crewlaw

    “Big government!” How DARE this government try to protect the little guy by imposing a regulation such as “When you fly you can check one piece of luggage without being charged an extra fee”? Just outrageous, all this government interference in the free market, when we all know that if we just leave them to do as they want, corporations will always do right by the consumer.
    And the Republicans say “Amen!”. What a hoot.

    • Hillary lost. Time to move on.

      • Crewlaw

        ‘Hillary lost’ is the best ya’ got? As Dear Leader Donnie Twitter would say, “Sad.”

      • Dave Earle

        Everybody has moved but you it seems.

  • NoWayIWillTell

    I do not trust Interjet at all. They recently charged me a fee that they wouldn’t explain to me. I contacted Customer Service the next day about it and still haven’t gotten an answer to why I had to pay that fee over 3 months later. Interjet was an airline I would fly and recommend time and time again. Not anymore.

  • MortimerSnerd

    Mexico has long been trying to stamp out the deceptive bait and switch advertising practices that are so common in Canada and the USA. Here the odd concept of the ‘price you see is the price you pay’ is just about on everything you buy. Remember when ‘taxes and fees’ were never included in an airlines advertised ticket price? Now they’ve switched to charging for baggage, food, water, and soon it will be coin operated toilets. This is going to cause a real shake-up in the industry.

  • Oisín Barr

    I had an awful experience with Aeromexico in which they changed their baggage fees for the second bag, after I had booked the flight. I got to the airport and didnt have enough to check in my second bag, where are our refunds?

  • Profeco is a great outfit.

  • Corrine Gogal

    I asked WestJet if they plan on eliminating the charge for the first checked bag, here is their reply to me:
    The Mexico Consumer Protection Legislative Package was published June 27.
    As per the legislation, airlines will have 90 calendar days from the
    date of publication to adopt their procedures and to comply with the new
    regulations. At this time, there are no immediate changes to WestJet’s
    current policies and procedures including baggage fees. We will take
    the time provided by the Government of Mexico to comply with the
    regulation to ensure a smooth transition to these new requirements. ~