Taxi found yesterday in Veracruz. Taxi found yesterday in Tlacotalpan.

Five severed heads left on hood of taxi

Jalisco cartel claimed responsibility for incident in Veracruz

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel is believed to have been responsible for leaving the severed heads of five men on the hood of a taxi in Veracruz yesterday.


The grisly discovery followed an anonymous call to municipal police headquarters in the town of Tlacotalpan. The Nissan Tsuru taxi cab had been left on the highway between Tlacotalpan and nearby Cosamaloapan.

Inside the car were black plastic bags containing the dismembered bodies of the five men, along with a message in which the Jalisco cartel claimed responsibility.

Tlacotalpan Mayor Christian Romero Pérez said the incident was the first “act of insecurity” recorded in the municipality this year, and that his administration will seek to reinforce its municipal police department.

“We’ve got about 20 to 22 officers [and] we want to reach 30 or 35 . . . you know that the issue is always the budget, but we want to grow to 35 . . .” he said.

According to National Public Security System statistics, Veracruz recorded the second highest number of kidnappings in the first 11 months of last year, and was third in gang-related homicides.

Kidnappings totaled 180 and intentional homicides numbered 1,778.

With a preliminary total of 23,101 gang-related homicides, 2017 was the most violent year on record in Mexico, even though official figures and tallies for December have yet to be taken into account.

Nicknamed the “pearl of the Papaloapan,” Tlacotalpan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Source: e-consulta Veracruz (sp), Infobae (sp)

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  • Dave Warren

    90 Million worth of missles will have no impact on this type of thing. Is the implication here that JNG doesn’t like Kidnappers?

  • Pesobill

    Yes , I won’t “beheading ” to Mexihole anytime soon … Just way too creepy ..

    • Gary Blake

      Me neither, I’m personally going to keep my HEAD about me, wait for a HEADS up so to speak of the goings on, before I HEAD back down anytime soon myself, my poor spouse feels like she is loosing her HEAD over this, and now does not want to go back.
      And our daughter is down there right now, she suffers from dandruff, wife is worried, about her “HEAD & Shoulders”
      Where is gossip columnist HEAD da Hopper when you need her?
      Is this gun violence? A “safe” area of Mexico? When and where does this happen NOB daily?

  • Gary Blake

    oh and yes I agree with the mayor totally, adding 10 or 12 more police officers would have prevented this, yea right, think he has been snorting too much of the “producto”

  • Mac

    The lack of humanity is staggering . The only hope is they destroy themselves in the process. Start anew, as it is hopeless. Carpet-bomb the entire region.

  • Bruce Kaycee

    the Federales won’t solve it, the US druggies won’t stop, local police won’t stop the killing either. The only force that will are vigilantes who are tired of reading this. Used to go to La Paz and Cabo annually but no mas. If some crazy Texans decided that crossing the border was the answer, then the results would be intrigung. No advocating, just thinking.

  • American Tax Payer

    “We’ve got about 20 to 22 officers [and] we want to reach 30 or 35 . . . you know that the issue is always the budget, but we want to grow to 35 . . .” he said. – Try using some of those billions that your illegal aliens sends you every year and use the millions in Foreign Aide that Americans are forced to give you every year.

    You Mexicans need a Eugenics Program.

  • otisrneedleman

    Those guys need to pull themselves together.