Castillo, left, and his associates. Castillo, left, and his associates.

Forces arrest three linked to ambush

Tequileros boss believed responsible for killing four federal agents

The leader of the armed wing of the Tequileros gang, believed to have led an ambush last month that killed four federal agents, has been arrested along with two associates in Morelos.


Pedro Castillo Amaya, who heads the Fuerzas Tequileras, has been linked by the federal Attorney General’s office (PGR) to the June ambush in La Gavia, Guerrero.

Castillo, also known as El Carpi, has also been identified as the right-hand man of Tequileros boss Raybel Jacobo de Almonte.

Both men evidently fled Guerrero after the June 19 ambush and the subsequent deployment of security forces in the region.

Authorities said Jacobo had ordered Castillo to travel to Temixco, where he was to obtain financial resources that would allow both to continue operating their criminal network while on the run.

Intelligence reports generated by the PGR allowed federal forces to locate Castillo, culminating with his arrest by Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) officers.

Two other men were arrested along with Castillo and the three were in possession of several doses of methamphetamine and scales.

The Fuerzas Tequileras are believed responsible for the wave of violence in the area surrounding the Guerrero municipality of San Miguel Totolapan in the Tierra Caliente region. The gang has been responsible for protecting Jacobo’s family and accomplices in the state of Morelos.

The three men were arrested in Temixco.

The PGR has now made six arrests in relation to the ambush in La Gavia. A seventh criminal was shot dead.

La Gavia, meanwhile, has been left semi-deserted. It was described as a ghost town earlier this month after an estimated 400 residents had fled the violence, an exodus that began in May.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • kmac59

    So why would you protect the identity of these men by hiding their eyes?

    • MortimerSnerd

      Go to ‘Borderland Beat’ … if the story is there, they don’t hide anything. There, they are not afraid of their own shadows.