Former mayor Ramírez, accused of stealing a lot. Former mayor Ramírez, accused of stealing a lot.

Former Nayarit mayor accused of embezzling

Auditor finds irregularities in sale of airport land in San Blas

The former Nayarit mayor who became internationally famous for admitting he stole “a little bit” from the municipal treasury has been accused of stealing rather more.


The Nayarit auditor’s office says Hilario “Layín” Ramírez Villanueva was responsible for embezzling 12 million pesos (US$640,000) while mayor of San Blas between 2014 and 2017.

The auditor’s investigation found that land on which the municipal airport used to sit was sold for 12 million pesos after it had been appraised at 32 million.

Furthermore, an unnamed buyer issued a check for the 12 million pesos, but the amount was never deposited in municipal coffers.

The sale of the 46,000-square-meter property began in 2015 but was not concluded until two years later, coinciding with the election for governor, in which Ramírez was an unsuccessful independent candidate.

The auditor’s formal complaint against Ramírez also includes two associates, Armida Silvestre Juárez and Mario Velázquez Flores.

The colorful mayor, known for throwing lavish parties, admitted during the 2014 election campaign that he “only stole a little bit” while serving a previous term as mayor. He went on to win.

After the conclusion of his term last year his successor was quick to reveal spending irregularities involving millions of pesos. “He didn’t just steal a little, he stole it all,” charged Candy Yescas Blancas.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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  • WestCoastHwy

    Hilario “Layín” Ramírez Villanueva, your typical Mexican, would shoot you in the back of the head because you looked at him funny!

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      Looking over your comments, you evidently have a bit of hatred towards Mexicans in general…Here’s my advice.. stay the hell out of Mexico.. People like you come down here and make all of us Gringos look like arrogant assholes. Stay in the US, POS.

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        You are not Mexican nor understand Mexico you piss off Gringo!

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          But then again your probably the wife of Hilario “Layín” Ramírez Villanueva and trying to protect his image!

  • Güerito


  • DreadFool

    as Carlos Salinas put it after he left the entire country pesoless, “no one can steal it all by himself, it takes team work”

  • David Nichols

    It would only be news if a politician here DIDN’T steal public funds…

  • Garry Montgomery

    There wasn’t much to steal but he managed to get it all.Such a braggart needs to serve a lot of time . . .