scene of shooting in juarez Investigators at the scene of yesterday's shooting. ricardo ruíz/proceso

Former police chief is victim of shooting

Julián Leyzaola Pérez was Ciudad Juárez chief until 2013

The former chief of police of Ciudad Juárez was the target of an assassination attempt yesterday.

Julián Leyzaola Pérez is in stable condition after he was shot twice while sitting in his vehicle in the Waterfill area of the city yesterday about noon.

He was waiting for his wife and their young son, who had gone into a nearby store, when two suspects drove up and one descended from the vehicle, firing a burst of gunfire at Leyzaola. They fled the scene but didn’t get very far: a police patrol a block away cut off their exit and arrested the two men.

They said they had been paid to shoot the 55-year-old ex-chief but didn’t know who their employer was.

Leyzaola was hired to clean up the city once known as the murder capital of the world in 2011, after bringing crime levels down in Tijuana between 2008 and 2010. Homicides and kidnappings declined after his arrival but there have been allegations of human rights violations, including the beating of prisoners.

He was accused of similar violations in Tijuana by the National Human Rights Commission, which this week released a report that accused municipal police of killing four youngsters in Juárez in 2012, while under Leyzaola’s watch.

He left the job in 2013 and formed a private security firm.

Source: El Diario (sp)

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