Heavy rains brought flooding to Chihuahua on the weekend Heavy rains brought flooding to Chihuahua on the weekend. el diario

Four drown during deluge in Chihuahua

Victims had attempted to drive across rain-swollen creeks

Four people died in two separate but similar accidents Sunday in Chihuahua: they drowned after attempting to cross creek beds whose water levels were swollen by heavy rains.


Torrential rainfall in much of the state resulted in flooding and damaged homes and triggered a yellow alert yesterday accompanied by the warning that citizens remain in their homes if it was not necessary to leave.

In Santa Isabel, a couple and their young son were drowned when they tried to cross a swollen creek in a pickup truck. Rescuers found the bodies of the two adults inside the truck; their seven-year-old son had been swept away by the current. His body was found later a kilometer downstream.

The fourth death occurred when a young man tried to save two friends after they, too, were riding in a truck that attempted to cross a creek bed.

The man succeeded in rescuing the two women but lost his own life doing so. That incident also took place in Santa Isabel.

Source: Milenio (sp), El Diario (sp)

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