Scene of the Tlatlaya massacre. Scene of the Tlatlaya massacre.

Four ex-investigators jailed in Tlatlaya case

The ministerial police tortured the three survivors of the 2014 killings

Four former investigators with the State of México Attorney General’s office were sentenced yesterday to three years and eight months in jail and fined 100,000 pesos each (US $4,700) for torturing survivors of the Tlatlaya Massacre.

The former ministerial police officers did not contest the charges against them, which stemmed from the torture of three women arrested after a clash between soldiers and presumed criminals in San Pedro Limón, Tlatlaya, in June 2014.

The clash was initially described as an ambush by the Army, which resulted in a gun battle that left 22 civilians dead. But evidence surfaced soon after that most of the alleged criminals had been executed.

Eight soldiers were charged in connection with the case, but seven have since been released for lack of evidence. One served a year-long sentence after being convicted of disobedience.

Each of the four police sentenced yesterday must also pay reparation to the victims of 13,980 pesos.

Three other officers were also charged but they have chosen to dispute the charges.

The torture victims in the case, now widely known as the Tlatlaya Massacre, later gave evidence that many of those killed by soldiers had been killed after they surrendered.

Source: 24 Horas (sp), Milenio (sp)

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