Yáñez: four years for embezzling. Yáñez: four years for embezzling.

Four-year sentence for ex-education secretary

Former member of César Duarte government makes deal in exchange for giving evidence

A former education secretary in Chihuahua has been sentenced to four years in jail for embezzling 246 million pesos (US $14 million at the time).


Ricardo Yáñez Herrera pleaded guilty to embezzling the funds, acting in concert with ex-governor César Duarte Jáquez.

Yáñez must also pay a fine of just over half a million pesos (about US $27,100) and was given three months in which to repay in full the total of the stolen funds.

The former head of the state housing institute, the highways agency and the Secretariat of Education will not be eligible to hold public office for a period of four years after serving his prison sentence.

Yáñez has already spent seven months behind bars since he was arrested last March, time that will count towards the total.

The state Attorney General’s office reported that Yáñez received the shortest possible sentence for the crime after he signed a deal with the public prosecutor’s office through which he will give evidence against Duarte, who remains a fugitive from justice and is believed to be in the United States.

Yáñez embezzled the funds by requesting a budgetary allocation of 246 million pesos for teacher training courses and the purchase of software.

None of those were delivered, as the suppliers that received the payments had been created with the sole purpose of diverting the money.

Source: Debate (sp)

CORRECTION: The original version of this story incorrectly referred to ex-Veracruz governor Javier Duarte in the subhead. He, too, has been accused of corruption but he did not govern Chihuahua.

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  • kallen

    I’m shocked!

  • DreadFool

    Mexicanos al grito de guerra….

  • WestCoastHwy

    This cabrón is just one of the reasons Mexico is failing. When education is robbed, the very future is robbed. When I’m working with educated Mexicans, I always find that they have been educated in the good old USA. When I say educated, I mean functionally literate. Mexicans are still teaching how to: pluck a chicken, how many eggs fit into a basket and Embezzlement 101.