Council president silences a critic. Council president silences a critic.

Freedom Bus creates some controversy

Council for the Family president puts his hand over the mouth of a critic

A sponsor of the controversial “Freedom Bus” currently touring Mexico to challenge sex education, same-sex marriage and abortion is being criticized for aggression against a woman yesterday in Jalisco.

The president of the Mexican Council for the Family was speaking with reporters in Tepatitlán when he was interrupted by a young woman who questioned him about gay marriage. Juan Dabdoub replied by briefly covering her mouth with his hand.

The incident was caught on live, streaming video and quickly circulated on social media.

The woman pushed away Dabdoub’s hand and asked why he had done it. “You cannot silence me!”

A member of Dabdoub’s entourage quickly approached the woman to ask her to leave. The woman did so but not before accusing the council of disrespect and using violence to silence its critics.

Others who were among the Freedom Bus supporters suggested she show respect if she wished to receive it.

The bus tour first stirred up controversy in Spain earlier this year, later in the United States and in Mexico since it began touring June 14.

It was attacked in Veracruz by vandals who painted it with graffiti and in Puebla protesters threw eggs at the bus and prevented it from entering a school and later the city’s zócalo.

A spokesman for the gay pride movement said today that Dabdoub’s action was a reflection of intolerance.

“This conduct shows a person who is disposed towards attacking and discriminating against the LGBTTI [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgender and Intersexual] population,” said Patria Jiménez.

She described it as “a violent act” and one that would help polarize discussion over same-sex marriage.

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