Duarte, while in office Duarte, while in office: he is often photogenic for his facial expressions.

From his prison cell, ex-governor Duarte sues for moral damages

The former Veracruz governor who is in jail waiting to face corruption charges has called “fake news” against presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya and current Governor Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares and filed a civil suit.

Javier Duarte Ochoa is suing for moral damages after Anaya, candidate for the For Mexico in Front coalition, said last week during a rally that Duarte had administered distilled water instead of chemotherapy drugs to several child cancer patients “just to be able to steal some money.”

Duarte’s lawyer said the complaint is based on a report issued last year by federal Health Secretary José Narro Robles, who asserted there was no evidence of any deaths caused by the administration of fake cancer medication.

“Those false assertions emanate from the imagination of Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares, who shamelessly lied to the Mexican people using his position as state governor,” said Omer Salom García.

In January last year Yunes accused his two predecessors, Duarte and Fidel Herrera Beltrán, of purchasing cloned chemotherapy drugs. At the time, he asserted that the fraud had caused the deaths of eight children.

The following month, the Health Secretariat and the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk (Cofepris) reported that a single vial of unused adulterated chemotherapy medicine had been detected in 2010.

The two agencies also reviewed the files of 151 cancer patients in the state, later declaring that no bogus treatment had been used on any of them.

Anaya and Yunes are both affiliated with the National Action Party (PAN), while the two previous governors of Veracruz, Duarte and Herrera, carried the flag of the governing Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

Source: El Universal (sp)

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