Thyssenkrupp's parts plant in Puebla. Thyssenkrupp's parts plant in Puebla.

Future in doubt for Thyssenkrupp in MX

Future investment will depend on US policies under President Trump, says CEO

Future investment in Mexico by the German industrial firm Thyssenkrupp is in doubt, its CEO said Thursday, citing concerns about United States trade policies.


The company manufactures automotive parts for the North American market, but U.S. President Donald Trump’s threats to impose import tariffs has triggered concerns among companies with investments in Mexico.

“We are watching quite carefully what the result of the Trump administration will be, said CEO Heinrich Hiesinger in a conference call with analysts.

He said current investments in its two auto parts plants in Mexico were fully covered by orders from auto makers.

Thyssenkrupp announced last June it was investing about US $160 million in a new plant in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, creating as many as 750 jobs.

“Mexico plays a central role in the expansion of our auto components business,” said Karsten Kroos, CEO of the San Miguel facility, at the time.

“Our investment programs there are a key part of our growth and regionalization strategy. On completion of the new components site in San Miguel de Allende we will more than double the size of our production network in Mexico to altogether eight production sites in just a few years.”

Source: Reuters (en)

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  • cooncats

    So, Mexico, you all can keep ranting and raving about Trump and shucking and jiving about what you’ve brought to this backlash, or Sr. Peña Nieto could try this:

    “For many years, many people from Mexico crossed into the U.S. illegally and neither of us did anything about it. We recognize that the U.S., just like Mexico, has the right to determine who enters our countries and we recognize that times change and it is time for Mexico to put the focus on making a better future for our people right here in Mexico.

    We also ask that Mexicans in the U.S., particularly those who have entered without respect for the laws there refrain from antagonizing the American people by demonstrating and waving the Mexican flag there. It is bad manners to attack your hosts and we do not tolerate it here in Mexico from people of other nations. We ask you to behave there as you expect and require foreigners to behave in your own country.”

    We ask our American friends who have contributed so much to our country to remember that most Mexican people in your country have similarly given much to America with their labor. We will support and assist America in dealing with the criminal element that offend the people of both nations.”

    Time for all of you and Mexico to get over the Trump Derangement Syndrome. He’s here for the next four years and probably longer. The American heartland rebelled against the coastal leftists and the globalist corporate elite and Trump just happened to be the vehicle for that rebellion.

    It is not going away no matter where he goes. It is much bigger than one person. Ignore at your peril.

    • Paul Kenning Stewart

      you said it all in one word ‘derangement’…best ever description of Orange Bob Square Pants…(I say this with the
      respect he deserves….)

    • Commander Barkfeather

      In the (eighteen) thirties and forties many people from the U.S. crossed into Mexico illegally looking for a better life and a place to bring their African slaves (slavery was banned in Mexico at the time). They antagonized the Mexican people by demonstrating and waving the U.S. flag there. This has been going on for longer than you may care to admit. BTW–Trump won’t last two years.

  • K. Chris C.

    With the dollar up by 27 %, and Mexican goods 21% cheaper in the US, this does not wash.

    Looks to be more of a warning about Mexico’s continued coziness with wealthy China. The Khazarian minders of the US and European tyrannies will not permit Mexico to fall under China’s sway.

    The Mexican tyranny’s achilles-heel is that they need to export both things and people to sustain themselves. They need China’s pillow of investment, but are caught between a belligerent US tyranny rock, and a impoverished people hard place. The Mexican tyranny will never be permitted to take up China’s pillow.

    Continued pursuit of China by Mexico will see the US tyranny get tougher, and the CIA’s cartels incentivized to broaden the scale and scope of their targeting of the Mexican populace–societal chaos will be the norm. Eventually, the US tyranny will install a tyrannical puppet, or just outright invade. See Nicaragua, Chile, Batista Cuba, Shah Iran, Panama, Iraq, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Diem Vietnam, etc. for background.

    “Today the US announced that Mexico has been confirmed as to harboring and training terrorists. It is also believed that they recently procured “yellowcake” from Niger. The UN is now gearing up to send teams to Mexico to search for and dismantle Mexico’s WMD program. Mexico denies all of these allegations. In other news…”

    An American citizen, not US subject.

    • Jay Groh

      Lay off the drugs buddy.

  • WestCoastHwy

    Anyone in the Business Field knows that Donald Trump is using typical methods of persuasion; Stress, Leverage, Hedging, backdoor negotiating, propaganda, and threats of retaliation.

    Unlike the main political channel most Politicians use, Trump sends his henchmen to systemically infect his target while twittering his propaganda; sound familiar?