The truck that was seized yesterday. The truck that was seized yesterday.

Gang attacks police after truck seized

50 launch attack on Federal Police office in Veracruz

Thieves who hijacked a truck and used it to transfer stolen fuel weren’t too happy when police seized the vehicle yesterday afternoon in Veracruz. So they attacked a Federal Police office in an attempt to get it back.


The Freightliner truck, carrying 14,000 liters of fuel, was detained on the Mexico City-Veracruz freeway at San Cristóbal and taken to the police force’s regional office in Orizaba. There, a gang of 50 people armed with guns and machetes attempted to take it back.

They were repelled by a joint force of federal, state and municipal police, the Army, the Navy and the Fuerza Civil, who arrested 11 gang members.

The operation caused the complete closure of the freeway at the Orizaba industrial park for four hours.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • K. Chris C.

    Always enjoyable the reaction of tyranny when, during the prosecution of their “war on drugs,” their victims shoot back.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

    • SickofLiberalbs9999

      Wow, cartel gang members are “victims” in your warped view of the world?
      And the police are the criminals, right?
      How about everyday citizens, are they good guys or bad guys?

      • Charliej

        Another damned ignorant asshole from the US. Why don’t you solve your own problems rather than harrasing others. You sanctimonious right wing fools make me want to puke.

    • Hailey Mannering

      It´s time to legalize and regulate the production and sale of marijuana at least. I don´t mean to minimize
      the problems of drug abuse, but adults taking drugs have a choice. Innocent bystanders caught in the cross fire of gang fights don´t.

  • miabeach

    Complete social unrest and rampant lawlessness is coming.

    • SickofLiberalbs9999

      Yes, Mexico is well on the way to becoming a failed state.
      And America will have to intervene if a failed state develops on its border.
      Mexico, what are you waiting for? Time is running out quickly.
      Mobilize the military, attack the cartels and all armed group, and DEFEAT THEM FOREVER.
      Or say goodbye to your country – as Mexico is occupied by foreign military forces to fight the cartels.

      • miabeach

        They say violence will sweep through Mexico and most of Latin America. Jade Helm was a military drill last year for just such an uprising. Whatever progress was made in Latin America will be for naught.

        • SickofLiberalbs9999

          This is what happens when you disarm the population.
          In Mexico, all the bad guys have guns.
          None of the citizens have guns.
          So it’s open season on the population – the bad guys are laughing about how easy it is.

          • Mike S

            So lets see…US population is armed to the teeth and drugged up. 13,000 homicides and 75,000 maimed year after year. If we had the poor ambulance and emergency room service that Mexico has…there would be 30,000 dead….about the same murder-death rate as Mexico and that’s without competing violent organized drug cartels. 19,000 Americans die from legal drug over doses each year. Another 11,000 from illegal opiate over-doses. 100,000 die from “medical mistakes”. God only know the devastation to people and families from meth addiction. Get off your pulpit and start looking in the mirror. Drugs are a problem that can only be brought under control with education, rehabilitation, and good co-operation between both countries. I can guarantee you that if there is a lucrative demand, it will be met and no idiotic wall will stop that.

          • SickofLiberalbs9999

            “Look in the mirror”- for what? I’M NOT A DRUG USER.
            After multiple paragraphs of statistics and liberal platitudes, you basically say nothing.
            Your “solution”? I don’t see any, just a moralistic laundry list of blame-America first nonsense.

          • Mike S


            I have lived part time in Mx for decades and once owned a house there. I speak passable Spanish. I have visited 25 states. I would say that 90% of Mx is as safe as the US. The dangerous 10% is well known and easily avoidable with a little common sense. The drug violence is obviously a big problem for Mexico’s reputation, tourist economy, and world standing. The demand on the US side must be reduced and the suppliers on the Mx side must be brought under control. That will take educating a generation of youth on the evils of hard drug use, rehabilitation of addicts, and heavy co-operation of law enforcement/intelligence on both sides of the border. A wall will solve nothing and neither will incarcerating small time users. Your black & white jingoistic attitude and total disrespect for Mexico solves nothing. Both sides need to accept culpability and co-operate to solve this problem.

          • csb4546

            “I would say that 90% of Mx is as safe as the US.”
            And with one foolish statement, you surrender all credibility.
            Facts matter – your statement is absurd.

          • SickofLiberalbs9999

            Unless you live in Mexico, you have no clue about the level of violence and fear the population takes for granted every day. It’s always the same – bad guys pull out guns, and everybody (including the police) lays down and submits to whatever comes next. What other choice do they have? The citizens of Mexico need to fight fire with fire. After a few robbers get blown away by their armed “victims”, criminals will be forced to rethink their entire existence.

          • Mike S

            Obtaining a gun in Mx is actually quite easy if you want one for home protection.. US gun dealers have flooded the country with guns…mostly for cartel use. Flooding the Mx civilian population with “legal” guns would be a disaster in a country with poorly funded law enforcement and courts. Most would be used for domestic violence and settling love scores and petty business disputes as in the US. No politician would be safe and the country would devolve into anarchy. An hombre with a pistol is no match for organized criminal cartels. The US has the most pro gun laws in the civilized First World and we pay a horrific price for that. The gun manufacturers and their NRA lobby love the violence and government hating paranoia and the racial fears stoked by people like Trump. More people have been killed in gun homicides in the US than ALL our wars combined.

          • Linda Wendeborn


          • csb4546

            Solutions? No.
            Ideas? No.
            Name calling? Yes.
            Welcome, snowflake, you’re easy to spot.

          • miabeach

            Thanks Obama.

          • miabeach

            President Obama sent plenty of guns to Mexico. The Middle East too. No US president ever armed so many insurgents ever. Obama put more guns into more terrorists hands than any other president.

          • RickDrake

            Come on. Reagan armed the Mujaheddin who became Al Qaeda. The USA is the biggest arms dealer IN THE WORLD! The GOP made it possible for terrorists to buy guns since the NRA told them to. The NRA put more guns into white supremacist hands than anyone, ever, and we all know that there have been more terrorist attacks on American’s by homegrown terrorists than any other group.

          • miabeach

            I’m glad you got that off your sunken chest but read up on the subject. I was considering Reagan when I said no president ever sent more guns to insurgents than Obama. Ambassador Stevens was killed because he was trying to buy back Stinger Missles that Obama let loose to very bad Hombres. That’s what Benghazi was all about and the US press has done a good job of suppressing the truth. Obama thought his Arab apring was a good idea and supplied all the guns. Unfortunately the only thing the Arab Spring did was created over 25 million Arab refugees. We have the worse refugee problem since WWII thanks to Obama. Obama the home wrecker.

          • RickDrake

            I guess your sunken brain needs to be revived. In hind sight, you were wrong, but you considered Reagan? Bengazi was about a bunch of old repugs spending millions upon millions to try and make Hillary look bad. It was the longest witch hunt in American history…longer than the JFK probe, longer than 9/11, and they got ziltch. And you think the Arab spring was Obama’s idea? I’d say it’s the Military Industrial Complex doing what they’ve done for decades: “Whatever “reset” may be in the works for Obama administration policies in the Middle East, the president and the Pentagon are already on the record. Since 2009, they have sought to arm some of the most anti-democratic regimes on the planet, while repeatedly highlighting the need for democratic reform and now for a fresh start in the region. Even as the “reset” begins, the Pentagon is leaning ever more heavily on rich rulers in the Arab world to prop up the military-corporate complex at home. If the Pentagon and the weapons makers have their way, the provisional successes of the demonstrators in Egypt and Tunisia will turn out to be outliers as an Arab Spring turns distinctly wintry.” Dredge that sunken brain.

          • DeplorableVI


            I’m assuming you can read because there’s not many pictures.

          • Hailey Mannering

            Many decent Mexicans illegally own guns – especially for hunting in rural areas.

          • Pat

            It’s not illegal to own a pistol in Mexico. And legal or not, many, many folks have pistols. The population is in no way unarmed.

  • SickofLiberalbs9999

    50 armed people attack the police.
    11 gang members were arrested.
    What happened to the other 39?

  • jdwfinger

    Good job President Nieto protecting your citizens, oops, that is not your job, you and the other politicians are there to make yourselves rich

  • SickofLiberalbs9999

    50 “armed people” attacked the police?
    How does Mexico put an end to this kind of behavior once and for all?

    1. Surround the attackers
    2. Herd them into a group (to make a good target)
    3. Bring in helicopter gunships
    4. Kill them all
    5. No surrender permitted


    Repeat this scenario as many times as needed.
    Soon the bad guys would be looking for a new country to live in, corrupt, and destroy.
    And Mexico could finally begin the path toward security and prosperity.

    In the meantime – Mexico is rapidly becoming the Western hemisphere’s Syria or Iraq.
    When / how will it end?

  • kallen

    Interesting: the picture shows a [refrigerated] reefer and not a tanker. So it was loaded with drums of fuel?