The truck that was seized yesterday. The truck that was seized yesterday.

Gang attacks police after truck seized

50 launch attack on Federal Police office in Veracruz

Thieves who hijacked a truck and used it to transfer stolen fuel weren’t too happy when police seized the vehicle yesterday afternoon in Veracruz. So they attacked a Federal Police office in an attempt to get it back.

The Freightliner truck, carrying 14,000 liters of fuel, was detained on the Mexico City-Veracruz freeway at San Cristóbal and taken to the police force’s regional office in Orizaba. There, a gang of 50 people armed with guns and machetes attempted to take it back.

They were repelled by a joint force of federal, state and municipal police, the Army, the Navy and the Fuerza Civil, who arrested 11 gang members.

The operation caused the complete closure of the freeway at the Orizaba industrial park for four hours.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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