Home of former drug lord Nacho Coronel was among assets that have been auctioned. Home of former drug lord Nacho Coronel was among assets that have been auctioned.

Gangsters’ assets sold for 316 million pesos

Houses and yachts, cars and watches among goods sold over seven years

The sale and auction of assets seized from criminals by the federal government has generated additional revenue of almost 316 million pesos (close to US $22.4 million) in the last seven years.


Details about the disposal of the various assets — from cars and boats to watches and even animals — were revealed through an access of information request by the newspaper El Universal, which also found that the amount earned through the auctions has been steadily increasing.

The most expensive asset to be auctioned was an industrial warehouse where Chinese businessman Zhenli Ye Gon had planned to set up a methamphetamine processing facility.

Located in Toluca, State of México, the facility fetched a price of 181.8 million pesos in January 2014.

A home that once belonged to drug lord Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel Villarreal, located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, was sold for just over 6 million pesos in September 2015.

The third most valuable asset seized was a yacht that belonged to United States citizen Steven Craig Knight, who was arrested as he attempted to travel back to his country with US $1 million in cash.


The yacht was auctioned for 5.6 million pesos in September 2014.

Also on the list were cars, tractor trailers, motorcycles and buses, some of which went for very low prices. A Honda motorcycle was sold for just 375 pesos while a 2001 BMW sedan went for less than 3,500 pesos.

Other bargains were an 18-karat gold Audemars men’s wristwatch — there were many watches on the list — that sold for 350,000 pesos; its retail price is at least half a million.

Imitation jewelry, bottles of wine, stuffed animals and even live ones were also sold off.

The Asset Management and Disposal Service, a federal agency, publishes the list of items online, offering details of each, including the physical addresses of real estate to be sold.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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