Texaco, coming to Mexico next year. Texaco, coming to Mexico next year.

Gas station operator unveils Texaco deal

FullGas will convert some of its Pemex stations to the Chevron-owned brand

Texaco gas stations will be coming to Mexico during the second half of next year, the Mexican firm FullGas announced today.


The operator of 50 Pemex stations, with another 10 under construction, has intends to have 200 stations in the medium term, said general manager Sebastián Figueroa.

Market studies are being carried out to determine which of FullGas’ stations will carry the Texaco logo.

Its stations are located in Quintana Roo, Campeche and Yucatán and, as of next month, the State of México, where it will open its first gasoline outlet. It also operates in Guatemala and Honduras.

Texaco is owned by Chevron Corporation, one of the world’s largest oil companies.

Another U.S. company, Gulf Oil, was the first foreign firm to announce it would operate gas stations in Mexico. It said in March that it would open 2,000 gas stations over three years.

The federal government’s energy reforms ended the decades-old monopoly of the state oil company Pemex, allowing new players into the market. The liberalization process is still under way.

The process is to conclude in 2018 when fuel sales will be free of government controls over prices.

Source: 20 Minutos (sp)

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  • David Nichols

    Great…but they will have to buy their fuel from Pemex, so the monopoly continues at the wholesale level, which will control the price at the retail level…
    But maybe we will get clean restrooms that we don’t have to pay to use…!!