Estefanía: lost an eye to New Year's bullet. Estefanía: victim of a stray bullet.

Girl, 11, loses eye to stray New Year’s bullet

She was asleep when the bullet came through the ceiling and struck her cheekbone

An 11-year-old Sonora girl has lost the sight in one eye after being hit by a stray bullet on New Year’s Eve.


Estefanía García was asleep in the living room of her Agua Prieta home when the unexpected projectile came through the ceiling and struck her right cheekbone before lodging close to her brain.

The girl’s mother, Alma Ávila, told the newspaper El Universal that after making tamales and enjoying a family dinner, she and her daughter lay down on a mattress in the living room to watch television before they both drifted off to sleep.

Ávila recalled hearing shouting, rockets and other noise associated with New Year’s revelry between dreams but after one particularly loud noise her daughter started shaking her while saying: “Mom, Mom, wake up.”

After turning on the light she saw that her daughter was bleeding from the mouth and nose.

“I grabbed her desperately, sat her in a chair and began to do a thousand things,” she said.

“I ran out for help, I prayed to heaven for someone to come by but nobody did, she said to me, ‘mom, don’t go out, something might happen to you, I’m okay, don’t worry.’”


Ávila then called for an ambulance, which took Estefanía to the Agua Prieta General Hospital where an X-ray confirmed the location of the bullet in her head.

“The doctor told me that it was serious [and] that they couldn’t operate on her there . . .” Ávila said.

The minor was subsequently transferred to the Children’s Hospital in the state capital Hermosillo, a journey of 380 kilometers from the border city.

After arriving in the early hours of January 1, Estefanía was examined and underwent an operation to remove the bullet. The attending doctor said it was a miracle that she hadn’t gone into a coma.

Estefanía was discharged on January 8 but remains frightened by what happened and will require ongoing psychological support, her mother said.

She also called on people to not celebrate occasions such as New Year’s Eve by firing guns into the air.

“It could happen to you too, everything that goes up comes down,” she said.

According to a report from the C4 state security control center, 11 people were injured by stray bullets during new year celebrations in Sonora, including four minors.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • Gary Blake

    I am going to wait a hell of a long time to see the safe Mexico “boosters” post here, it is funny on this site how on ONE thin thread of rare good news out of Mexico is endlessly shared, and stories such as this are not!
    This act of senseless gun violence, in safe gun free Mexico as to many wanna paint it, is despicable.
    11 year old girl now with one eye for the rest of her life, all because some NARCO PUKE, who’s entire family should be shot as a first choice, was ringing, ok, ok “Banging” in the new year with his full auto AK47 or M16, HAPPY NEW YEAR, unless you are an 11 year old sleeping in your home, I ask if this was gun violence from you experts, or rich culture and traditions of Mexico?
    Time to wake up to the real facts here,
    Mexico has an average of 20 GUN HOMICIDES per 100,000 residents, THE USA Averages , 4.88 ACTUAL GUN HOMICIDES per 100,000 residents. Chicago averages 28 per 100K residents always cited here on this forum as the “poster child” of gun violence in America.
    Many Mexican cities it is 120 to over 200 per 100,000 residents, HOW can ANYONE compare this to the USA? Mexico is the 3rd highest country in the world for innocent civilians killed by gunfire, right behind Syria & Iraq!
    In Mexico 98.3% of all gun homicides go unprosecuted, REVERSE those numbers to prosecuted for the USA!
    Here is another “Factoid” the liberals won’t like, REMOVE the gun homicides in Chicago, Detroit & LA, from these total US Gun Homicides per year, and the US ranks 48th in the world!!! How do those cities vote?
    NOW we have to look at WHO is doing this? BLACKS, young black males average age 17!
    The overwhelming VAST majority of gun violence/gun homicides in the USA is in poor urban areas, caused by intercity gang violence, involving BLACK male youths, (FOLLOWED BY HISPANICS) sorry, I did not do it, THEY DID! Don’t like it, TUFF!
    FACT as well in America over 75% of all gun homicide victims have a extensive past criminal record with law enforcement, WOULD NOT under present laws be allowed to buy much less own a firearm, legally, (Not to mention the fact that at 17 you can’t own a gun, 21 is the legal age) which proves outlaw guns, as in Mexico, only OUTLAWS (criminals) have guns.
    70-75% of ALL USA gun deaths are “Suicides” but counted by the nutt case, whack job liberals as “Gun Violence”
    Although Blacks make up only 13% of the US Population, they are 13 times more likely to be shot and killed by a gun from one of their own!
    BUT the “FLVB” (Flaming Liberal Voter Base) wants and protects these young murdering pukes, and after all they are future FLVB’s them selves!
    There are over 80 million LEGAL gun owners in the USA who own nearly all the legally owned guns, who none of which HAS EVER committed a gun crime! FACTOID!
    Another false fact, often used to make the USA look like a crazed gun “Hell Hole” is comparing gun homicides to other first world wealthy European Countries like Sweden, Denmark or even Japan, places WHERE private gun ownership IS BANNED! (AND unlike MEXICO, the residents follow the law on the ban) so because of this you have to compare ALL homicides in those countries, NOT just homicides involving a firearm, ie: knife, car, poison, baseball bat, ROCK!!! WHATEVER per capita, then crunch the REAL numbers and compare!
    As well in countries like Sweden, all the killing today is refugee immigrants they let in, funny how that works?