Putla de Guerrero, Oaxaca. Putla de Guerrero, Oaxaca.

Girl fights harassment after fleeing marriage

Her mother is believed to have arranged it for financial reasons

The case of an underage girl who fled an arranged marriage is the subject of an investigation by Oaxaca’s human rights agency.


The young indigenous woman, a minor from the municipality of Putla Villa de Guerrero, ran away in May last year after her mother forced her to marry an older man she had not previously met.

According to a human rights complaint she filed, she only met the man she was to marry after she was taken by her mother to the Civil Registry office in Santa Lucía Monteverde.

The arranged marriage was apparently part of a financial transaction between the girl’s mother and the groom.

Following the registration of the marriage, the new bride fled to the city of Oaxaca to stay with friends.

Since then, municipal authorities in Putla Villa de Guerrero have located the girl and allegedly harassed her, demanding that she return to her husband and fulfill her duties as a wife.


The harassment triggered the girl’s complaint to the human rights commission.

The human rights ombudsman said the agency has opened an investigation into abuse of power by the municipality.

Arturo Peimbert Calvo added that he has requested that the state government provide protection to the young woman.

He is also investigating possible violations to the girl’s human rights by municipal authorities and the clerks at the Civil Registry office.

Peimbert has asked Mayor Manuel Guzmán Carrasco to instruct staff to abstain from any further acts of harassment.

The Civil Registry staff in Santa Lucía have eight days in which to to present their case before the ombudsman.

Source: Milenio (sp), NVI Noticias (sp), NSS Oaxaca (sp)

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  • The farther south you go in Mexico the more you’re in the Dark Ages.

    • Garry Montgomery

      Oh? From somebody who is sexually intolerant? Enlightenment is through education not from bigotry.

  • Mike Hadinger

    Living in Oaxaca ourselves, we realize that the enslavement, abuse, and mistreatment of women is often caused by other women.

  • Beau

    As punishment, the municipal authorities should demand the mother marry the old man and fulfill her duties as a wife.

  • Pogo

    As the article is written, a “minor” is a “woman.” Seems problematic, even as syntax, let alone as culture.