Dayana cheerfully shows off the pants that no longer fit. Dayana cheerfully shows off the pants that no longer fit.

Girl who shed 80 kg feels she’s born again

Dayana was described as the world's most obese minor

Formerly labeled “the most obese minor in the world,” a 14-year-old girl from Guasave, Sinaloa, has lost 80 kilograms and is now eager to prepare for her quinceañera, or 15th birthday celebrations, coming up next month.


Dayana Camacho Carrillo earned the most-obese label when she weighed 200 kilograms but eight months ago, tired of being bullied and hiding from other youths, Dayana underwent a gastric bypass operation — reducing the size of her stomach by half — at bariatric specialist José Antonio Castañeda’s clinic in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Castañeda has been treating Mexico’s once heaviest man, Juan Pedro Franco, since last fall. When he was admitted, Franco weighed 500 kilograms.

After shedding the first 80 kilograms of the 130 that is her goal, Camacho told the newspaper Milenio that she no longer suffers from depression or anger.

“I can bathe and change clothes by myself, I can do everything I couldn’t before. My mom had to help me.”

“I feel like I’ve been born again, I feel different and I can do things I couldn’t before, like going to my aunt’s home [next door] without getting tired. I can go out with my friends and not get funny looks from other people. They no longer shout ‘whale’ at me; now they tell me I am pretty,” Camacho said.

Camacho feels “so pretty” that she can’t help but look forward to her June 24 birthday party. She hopes that despite her family’s low income they’ll be able to throw her a big party.


Her weight loss success, which has already brought her some media exposure, has attracted the attention of Mexican designer Eduardo López, who will give Camacho an exclusive dress as a birthday gift.

And then there was the woman who saw Camacho on the street and shouted, “You’re that girl, aren’t you? I’ve seen you on TV and — wow! — here you are. I am a fan of yours.”

Their meeting resulted in the woman offering to provide the decorations for the quinceañera, which will take place in a rural area in the community of El Colorado.

“I want many people to come to my party and to get a car just like Rubí,” said Camacho, recalling the 2016 quinceañera in San Luis Potosí that produced a social media frenzy.

Despite Camacho’s enthusiasm, her joie de vivre was hard to come by. Her mother, Ramona Carrillo, told Milenio that the first months after her daughter’s gastric bypass were difficult.

” . . . I think she felt anxious about eating because she wanted to keep drinking soft drinks.”

Camacho’s diet changed drastically: eating over 10 tortillas a day, drinking liters of soft drinks and eating whatever she found in the fridge while everybody in her household slept are now things of the past.

“For a week she could only consume liquids. Then she moved on to porridge. Her diet changed every week and she’s now at the stage where she can eat anything, but with moderation,” said Carrillo.

Camacho wants to literally burn her past: she tried to burn the clothes she wore when she weighed 200 kilograms, but her mother keeps them stored. “I don’t want any bad memories,” said the teenager.

“I have not gone to a psychologist, but at times I think I need to, those times I get anxiety and my mind tells me ‘eat, eat, eat.’ That doesn’t happen very often, but when it does I try to drink water.”

As she prepares for her party Camacho says, “I just want to celebrate in a great way, and I hope that other girls that are the same as me realize they can do it and can fight to lose weight.”

Source: Milenio (sp)

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