Victorina López, weaver, and notable citizen of Guerrero. Victorina López, weaver, and notable citizen of Guerrero.

Guerrero celebrates noteworthy citizens

Guerrero Pride campaign will showcase 16 citizens in cinemas

A Guerrero government campaign called Orgullo Guerrero, or Guerrero Pride, is not only about promoting the state’s food and beverage products but its people as well, particularly those of some note.


In a ceremony that also celebrated the centennial of the Mexican constitution Governor Héctor Astudillo Flores announced the state would celebrate 16 of its most notable citizens, to create a message to highlight the true character and strength of the people of Guerrero.

Sixteen short films called Cineminutos, or cinema-minutes, will be projected in cinemas in Acapulco and Mexico City during the next two months, each film showcasing a renowned individual born in the state.

The shorts will also be shown on TV networks and online.

Although Guerrero is a state with high levels of poverty, Astudillo said, it also has “the great wealth that are its people.”

“There are those that mistake the rebelliousness of the people of Guerrero with the ungovernability of a southern state. And there are those that believe that Guerrero is poor because productive work is not ingrained here.”


But Orgullo Guerrero will offer examples to counter such notions.

The official list of guerrerenses, as people born in the state are called:

• Antonio Ríos Martínez, professional soccer player from Arcelia;

• Bernardo Rosendo Ponce, painter from Olinalá;

• Dagoberto Gama, actor from Tierra Caliente;

• Erasmo Catarino, singer from Xalpatláhuac;

• Ezequiel Tapia, metalsmith and silver sculptor from Taxco;

• Félix Ortiz Carreón, software developer and programmer from Iguala;

• Flor Molina, sculptor from Cuajinicuilapa;

• Félix Cruz Gutiérrez, musician and poet from Tierra Caliente;

• Irma Palacios, painter from Iguala;

• Juan Sánchez Andraca, writer from Chilapa de Álvarez;

• Leonel Maciel, painter from Petatlán;

• Martha Sánchez Néstor, indigenous leader from Xochistlahuaca;

• Pedro Serrano, poet from Azizintla;

• Rafael Aparicio, actor and producer from Chilpancingo;

• Susana Palazuelos, chef and entrepreneur from Acapulco;

• Victorina López Hilario, Amuzga weaver from Xochistlahuaca.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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