The washed-out bridge in San Francisco. The washed-out bridge in San Francisco.

Guerrero communities will get their bridge

Angry residents kidnap mayor of Tecoanapa to get their way

Inaction by municipal authorities to replace a bridge that collapsed during heavy rains triggered a strong reaction yesterday by angry residents: they kidnapped the mayor.


The residents of the indigenous community of San Francisco in the Guerrero municipality of Tecoanapa held Mayor René Morales Leyva and a councilor for seven hours, and only released them after the mayor agreed to rebuild the bridge.

They claim he had failed to keep a promise that he would do so.

About 150 residents had also mounted a blockade on the federal highway between Tecoanapa and Cruz Grande to make their case.

The blockade came down after the mayor gave in, signing an agreement that a bridge would be built to link four communities with San Francisco, to the benefit of about 1,000 people.

The existing bridge was washed out during heavy rainfall on June 26. Residents of the communities affected claimed they had warned municipal authorities that the bridge was in poor condition, but nothing was done about it.

They blamed Mayor Morales for the lack of action.

Source: Milenio (sp), Bajo Palabra (sp)

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