The crime scene in Tixtla. The crime scene in Tixtla. guerrero digital

Guerrero gang war moves into Tixtla

Woman and her daughter apparent victims of crime gang assassination

More violence and continued lawlessness in Guerrero have claimed two victims in another murder that no one can explain.

Just days after a college professor, her husband and their teenage son were buried in the state capital of Chilpancingo, apparently victims of an organized crime killing, a market vendor and her teenage daughter were killed in their home in the neighboring municipality of Tixtla.

The woman and her daughter, identified only as Gudelia, 52, and Kenia, 13, were at their home early last Thursday evening when a group of armed men pulled up in several trucks, entered the house and shot them.

After remaining in the home for some 40 minutes the shooters poured gasoline over the bodies and in the home, torching it before leaving.

Since then, Gudelia’s neighbors have been wondering: where were the municipal or state police, or the military, or the community police force active in that town?

It took an hour for municipal police and Civil Protection officials to show up, yet their headquarters are located only 300 meters away from the scene of the crime.

“Gudelia was widely known in Tixtla for her food. Lots of people ate at her stand,” a neighbor told the newspaper El Universal.

He said friends and neighbors are worried.

“Never has anything like this happened; the people are very angry about what was done to the girl . . . they overdid it with her,” he said.

The motive behind the murder is not clear, and the people of Tixtla dare not speak directly about it, but at least two versions have surfaced.

One is that the a crime gang was looking for one of Gudelia’s sons while another says it was after one of her sisters.

Gudelia and Kenia appear to be the latests victims of the turf war between the criminal gangs los Rojos and Los Ardillos, who are vying for control of the corridor that goes from Chilpancingo to the Montaña region of the state.

The fight dates back to 2013 when it first broke out in the municipality of Chilapa. In the past few months it has moved into Tixtla and the surrounding area. The Chilpancingo-Tixtla highway is now reported to be dangerous for its kidnappings, murders and assaults.

Nine dismembered bodies were found near Atliaca in November, and a month earlier two students of the Tixtla-based Ayotzinapa teachers’ college were returning to the school when they were assassinated.

Five others were killed on the highway in two earlier incidents, one in September, the other in July.

Source El Universal (sp)

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