Sánchez Sarmiento: influential journalist. Sánchez Sarmiento: influential journalist.

Gunmen assassinate Oaxaca broadcaster

Influential journalist killed this morning in Miahuatlán

A radio announcer described as one of the most influential in the Southern Sierra of Oaxaca was assassinated by two gunmen this morning in Miahuatlán.

Filadelfo Sánchez Sarmiento, a news announcer on the station La Favorita, died instantly when at least seven shots were fired at him outside the station’s offices, said state police.

Among recent stories covered by Sánchez Sarmiento was an accusation against the Institutional Revolutionary Party candidate for federal Deputy that he campaigned accompanied by men carrying firearms reserved for the use of the Armed Forces. Oscar Valencia went on to win the June 7 election.

Last month Sánchez Sarmiento celebrated his fifth anniversary as a broadcaster in the Southern Sierra. According to one report, he had received telephoned death threats on several occasions.

Miahuatlán was one of several locations in Oaxaca where election protests were mounted by members of the CNTE teachers’ union, in which election materials were destroyed and political party offices attacked.

The victim’s sister is another Oaxaca journalist, Misael Sánchez of the newspaper El Tiempo.

Oaxaca Gov. Gabino Cué called on state prosecutor Joaquín Carrillo Ruíz to conduct a diligent investigation to solve the crime and arrest those responsible.

Source: Noticias Net (sp), NSS Oaxaca (sp)

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