Governor Murat climbs into a cab. Governor Murat climbs into a cab. milenio

Hard times in Oaxaca: governor takes taxis

Murat says no to 'excesses,' rejects bodyguards, official residence

There’s no official vehicle for the governor of Oaxaca: Alejandro Murat is taking taxis instead.

Not only has the state’s relatively new governor — he took office December 1 — eschewed the vehicle but a security detail and the official residence as well.

Murat said this week that excesses have no place in these times, that it was necessary to put behind the eccentricities, the banalities and the opulence of the past.

With regard to his new and relatively spartan mode of transportation, Murat said public resources should be optimized and saved. As for bodyguards for the family in power, he termed it “a waste.”

Murat said he had also declined to move in to the official residence, remaining in his own instead.

In a state with as many shortages as Oaxaca one cannot govern with “privilege and excess,” the governor said in a jab at his predecessor, Gabino Cué Monteagudo.

He noted that he inherited an 18-billion-peso debt (over US $960 million) from the Cué administration, on top of arrears of 2 billion pesos owing to government contractors.

Yesterday, after arriving by taxi, Murat spoke at the Sánchez Pascuas market in the state capital, where he announced that 153 million pesos will be invested in modernizing the city’s 17 markets.

The project will also include the “transformation” of the capital’s Central de Abasto, the city’s main wholesale market for produce and other foodstuffs, which he called a “time bomb” for the excessive number of stands and insecurity.

With his speech finished and glad-handing with market vendors over, Murat hailed a taxi and left.

His cabinet members and collaborators had no choice but to follow suit, hailing taxis themselves as market-goers and reporters looked on.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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