Patients line up outside a Oaxaca hospital affected by strike. Patients line up outside a Oaxaca hospital affected by strike.

Health workers strike over unpaid salaries

Services were affected in three states where over 14,000 people walked off the job

Some 14,500 health-care workers in three states —  doctors, nurses, paramedics and administrative staff — went on strike this week to demand the payment of overdue salaries and bonuses.


Workers in Tabasco struck for eight hours but have since returned to work following the negotiation of a settlement.

Workers in Oaxaca, Tabasco, and Michoacán were protesting a delay in salary payments that were due on Monday, and many claim they are owed bonuses as well.

In Oaxaca workers struck after they were advised that their January salaries would be paid some time in February. The experience is not a new one. There were similar delays under the previous administration of Gabino Cué Monteagudo.

The strike affects at least 14 hospitals and 120 health centers in the state.

In Michoacán, health workers say they are still owed half their aguinaldo, or year-end bonus, as well as their January 15 paychecks. Operations in at least nine hospitals and seven health centers remain paralyzed in several municipalities across the state.

A health workers’ union leader declared that the state requires 80 million pesos (close to US $4.3 million) to pay its salary and bonus obligations.

In Tabasco, meanwhile, an agreement was reached with the 7,000 federal health care workers over their salary and bonus payments, ending a shutdown of the state’s principal hospitals and 45 health units.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • jdwfinger

    don’t the people know, they probably do, that the money was stolen by the higher officials. As long as they got away with it, who cares?

  • Gary Blake

    FYI anytime a MEXICAN is complaining about wage or bonus issues, look at it with a very “Jaundiced eye”
    Yes Mexico IS a true workers utopia, endless paid benefits for everyone, endless paid holidays, early retirements for all government workers.
    In one very large Mexican City, city workers can retire after 5 years of service and get a pension for life, LIFE! WHERE in the “REAL SANE” world can you do this? HOW sustainable is this practice?
    Mexico has no payroll withholding tax, BUT has income tax. Workers in Mexico are the “honor system’ to report their earnings and pay the tax, want to know how many do? NONE!
    Mexico refuses to fix this through a payroll withholding tax, because it would be political suicide, the liberals in the USA would be screaming bloody murder if there was an honor system for payroll taxes in the USA, bloody murder!
    A Mexican is a strange bird indeed flaming liberal, (Democrat) BUT radical “tea partier” at the same time. ANYWAY to cheat the government, be it property taxes, vehicle licensing, stealing power or phone or cable, all accepted social practices.
    Don’t pay your property taxes for 35 years in Mexico, owe tens of thousands of USD, simply go in and “negotiate” it down to 750 pesos, and your record is cleared. How about those including expats who did and do pay? HOW does that make you feel?
    Worked my whole life in the USA, except 10 years for my company in Mexico. We did not get 4 paid holidays a month as Mexico does, we did not get 6 weeks to 2 FULL MONTHS PAID off at Christmas as ALL of Mexico does.
    Mexico is and remains a true “Workers Utopia” oh and did you know YOU CAN NOT fire a worker in Mexico for any reason, PERIOD! You have to “Buy” their job, and the longer they are there, the more $$$$ to get them the hell out!
    NOT uncommon at all to have to pay $20,000 USD to “Get rid” of an employee, IN MEXICO!
    Just an FYI so you can see ALL the problems Mexico has, this on top of the rest!
    This is why Mexican workers have the “on the job” BAD attitude they do and for the most part produce nothing!