A road washed out by heavy rain last weekend. A road washed out by heavy rain last weekend. milenio

Heavy rain has left another town cut off

Remote Oaxaca community waits for machinery to clear a mudslide

Heavy rainfall continues to take a toll on the remote, mountain communities of Oaxaca.


The small town of San Francisco Caballua in the municipality of San Antonino Monte Verde remains cut off after a storm struck last Saturday, triggering a mudslide that blocked the main road in.

Machinery has been working at the site but repairs might still take another week because the ground is unstable and more rain is expected.

Municipal authorities are mostly concerned about medical emergencies because the nearest medical facility is only accessible by road in the city of Tlaxiaco, almost 60 kilometers away.

Residents trapped in Caballua, population 600, have no running water because water lines were damaged in the storm. Their only supply is a nearby stream and wells.

The people rely on subsistence farming but the extensive storm damage means they’ve lost almost everything: land, crops and livestock were buried by landslides.

One day before the rain hit, the state-run Diconsa store had received a fresh batch of supplies including rice, sugar, salt, tissue paper, fruits and vegetables. But everything was lost in the storm, an estimated 20,000 pesos worth of products (about US $1,100).


The local school lost its roof, and all the teaching materials were destroyed.

San Francisco Caballua

Aureliano Santiago Cruz, a municipal official, told the newspaper Milenio that the state Civil Protection office has yet to visit the town. The only state agencies that have visited are the Roads and Airstrips of Oaxaca (CAO) and civil protection officials from the State Institute for Education of Oaxaca (IEEPO).

Interviewed by Milenio, the state Civil Protection chief for the Mixteca region stated that his office received notification of the situation on Sunday, but had no funds with which to respond.

Storm damage has been extensive in the mountains of Oaxaca in the past few months, causing billions of pesos in damage.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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