Oaxaca fire official Maza at a fundraising campaign in Palo Alto. Oaxaca fire official Maza at a fundraising campaign in Palo Alto.

‘Hidden’ fire truck not Palo Alto donation

US organization rejects accusation against Oaxaca fire official

An organization that has donated several emergency vehicles to the Oaxaca city fire department has rejected an accusation that a state fire official has hidden a fire truck at his vacation home.


Bob Wenzlau of Neighbors Abroad of Palo Alto, California, said a fire truck that appeared in video footage shot by an anti-corruption organization was not one of those donated.

In fact, he said, the 1988 Seagrave pumper pictured had been purchased by state fire chief Manuel Alberto Maza Sánchez from the city of Torrance, California, on behalf of another city in Oaxaca. But that city decided not to buy it after all so Maza was storing the vehicle and trying to sell it, Wenzlau explained.

“This is basically a ‘no good deed goes unpunished.’”

He said vehicles donated by Neighbors Abroad and the city of Palo Alto have seen “incredible use.”

Wenzlau lamented that firefighters “are not honored in Mexico, and they really do incredible work.”

“I do happen to believe in Chief Maza, and watched him run into buildings on fire as a true hero.”

The video of the “hidden” truck in Oaxaca was shot by the Citizens’ Eye for Democracy and Against Corruption, and triggered the opening of an investigation by the state government.

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  • DreadFool

    an Eye for Fake news

  • WestCoastHwy

    So I believe I’m right……Non-profits from SoCal are being used for drug smuggling but I would say that using Fire Trucks is pretty inventive.

    • David Nichols

      So you believe they are using fire trucks to smuggle drugs…INTO Mexico…?
      You need to get out more if you’ve never seen an unintentional fire in Mexico, besides which the bomberos are often putting out fires that were set intentionally, and those are becoming more frequent, as they are often part of the moronic “block the highway” tactics employed by pendejos who don’t know the meaning of “counterproductive”…

      • WestCoastHwy

        Complete B. S. !

        • David Nichols

          Hardly an effective response WCH, you’ll have to be a little more specific…
          Ad hominem responses only demean the responder, what part of what I wrote would you care to prove incorrect…?

          • WestCoastHwy

            Keep using your communication skills, you might convince yourself. Mexico is a criminal economy so if you are involved with Mexicans and live in the States your also a criminal.

          • David Nichols

            Yep, completely unresponsive to any of my challenges to your “thinking”…
            You cannot back up your statements with any persuasive argument, so you just rely on insults and transparently ludicrous statements like
            “if you are involved with Mexicans and live in the States your (sic) also a criminal”
            So if I live in the USA and import avocados from Michoacan, in your fantasy world I’m a criminal..?
            Your tinfoil hat is leaking..

          • WestCoastHwy

            Move on…….nothing to see here, “TROLL”!

          • David Nichols

            Bobbing and weaving and avoiding any actual defense of his comments, WCH fades away, into the shadows of political irrelevancy…
            Bye now…

          • WestCoastHwy

            OK, I need to understand that your from SoCal and therefore need to just ignore your stupidity! Say hi to Jerry Brown for me.

          • David Nichols

            Wrong again..! Never lived in CaliFornicate, and it’s not SoCal its MexNorte.
            You need to understand you’re a troll…