Tyzon the hippopotamus, making himself at home in Veracruz. Tyzon the hippopotamus, making himself at home in Veracruz.

Hippo finds a home in Veracruz lagoon

Tyzon has become a popular member of the community in Las Choapas

An African hippopotamus appears to be making himself at home in a Veracruz lagoon, showing signs of settling down and even engaging in a tryst with a local farmer’s calf.

Nicknamed Tyzon by residents of Las Choapas, the 600-kilogram hippo had been sighted in lagoons across the state but has now taken up residence here, becoming something of a popular mascot in the community.

Residents say the hippo is timid and heads for the water when vehicles approach, but environmental authorities believe he could be a threat and are now considering how they might capture and move the animal to an ecological reserve in Orizaba.

Some locals — who have even created a Facebook page for Tyzon — would prefer the animal remain and be named the official mascot of Las Choapas, a municipality in the southeastern corner of the state.

The environmental protection agency Profepa said hippos can be aggressive and pose a danger to the public and native species.

Where Tyzon came from remains a mystery.

Source: (sp), Associated Press (en)

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