The museum in Escobedo, one of the buildings slated for renovation. The museum in Escobedo, one of the buildings slated for renovation.

Historic buildings to get ambitious upgrade

Three buildings target of renovations in Escobedo, Nuevo León

The historic center of the city of Escobedo, Nuevo León, is about to undergo a 20-million-peso (US $1-million) rescue and renovation program.

The first stage of what state and municipal officials describe as an “ambitious project” entails work on the city’s Historic Museum, its Casa de la Cultura (House of Culture) and the San Nicolás de Bari Catholic church.

The municipality and Conarte, the Center for Culture and Arts of Nuevo León, have allocated the funding for the project.

Conarte will be in charge of the renovation of the museum and the church and an extension to the Casa de la Cultura, while the municipality will tackle the renovation of facades, the relocation of several Catholic chapels, the rescue of a garden and work on several office spaces.

Conarte president Ricardo Marcos Gonzáles said that once the project’s first stage is concluded the people of Escobedo will have a “first-class” Casa de la Cultura.

“Clearly, it is through culture and education that we can make a difference to the issues our country and our state are going though,” said Marcos.

Escobedo Mayor Clara Luz Flores Carrales explained that the first stage of the renovation program should be concluded by mid-June, and that stages two and three are in the works.

She said that owners of vacant lots located in the downtown area will be contacted in the near future in order to make productive use of those spaces and provide a new site for the San Nicolás de Bari church, leaving the original edifice as a historic heritage for the city.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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